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Solidcor: founded to improve 
resident safety

We’re a relatively young company, compared to some door manufacturers, but we see that as an advantage. Why? Because we still remember how and why we were founded, and we remain true to that purpose today. Our products were developed to answer a need that became clear in the wake of the fire at Grenfell Tower. After listening to the requirements of the housing industry, we resolved to raise the bar by providing a fire door that surpassed the required safety requirements, whilst also answering the specific needs of housing providers and their residents.

Advanced timber core

Composite doors haven’t always enjoyed the highest reputation. But like anything, it all comes down to how they’re made. The key to a high-performing composite door is a sturdy inner core, and that’s what we offer at Solidcor. Our doors are based on an advanced timber core to provide ultimate stability in all environments and climates, and to offer maximum fire resistance in the case of a fire. It essentially provides all the benefits traditionally associated with a timber door, but with the added benefit of a composite door surface – more on this further down.

Highest degree of testing

After Grenfell, it became apparent that many doors in a social housing setting were not tested as comprehensively as they could be, or properly installed according to certification. We have gone above and beyond minimum standards to ensure that our doorsets raise the bar in terms of fire door safety. Our doorsets have passed bi-directional tests for fire (EN 1634-1), as required in Building Regs Approved Doc B (ADB) and they have passed smoke tests (EN1634-3). Our testing is underpinned with third party certification, which means that we actively ensure that these rigorous standards are upheld on a consistent basis, not just for test conditions. You can also trace everything on our doorsets back to one source, and that’s our ISO-audited factory based in the UK.

An entire range, fully tested

One of the ways in which fire doors can become non-compliant, is by adding glazing around the door. Without testing, there is no way of knowing how this combination will perform in the event of a fire. Aside from rendering any certification invalid, this puts lives at risk. However, we understand the importance of design choice, and so to meet this need, we have rigorously tested our full range of doorsets, and tested every door leaf style with side lights and top lights as well. 

Minimal maintenance required

Social housing providers have to manage their budgets carefully, and ongoing maintenance is a big factor. We have built our doors with minimal maintenance in mind. Our doors come faced with a durable PVC coating in a variety of colours to suit different aesthetics and design schemes – they require neither initial painting or ongoing repainting, and will stand up to British weather. They have been tested to stand up to repeated opening and closing (BS EN 1191 & BS EN 12046-1) and are tested for mechanical strength against load bearing and impact (BS 6375-2). And as well as being built to withstand the rigours of repeated use, they’re also designed to resist a bit of abuse – they’re PAS24 security tested too!

Delivered when you need it

We appreciate how difficult it is for social housing providers to keep hardworking buildings completely safe and compliant, especially when things need replacing – residents need to be kept safe at all times, not just most of the time. That’s why we provide our unrivalled 10-day turnaround time from receipt of order, enabling swift response to emergencies and tight project schedules. 


Social housing providers have a specific responsibility to keep residents safe, and our products were developed in answer to those needs. Our mission is to make every entrance door safe today and safe tomorrow, and by providing a high-performing, low-maintenance range of doors that is tested and certified to the highest safety standards, we believe we are achieving just that. 

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