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Tried and tested: 

doorset configurations 

Offering real choice within fully tested fire door sets


Tasteful design style and resident safety should exist in perfect harmony.

Our commitment to fire door style, safety and choice

When we developed the Solidcor range of fire-rated entrance doors, we set out to achieve three things for the market:
The best of both worlds, combining the fire resistance of solid timber doors and the convenience of pre-finished surfacing associated with composite doors.
The most rigorous level of testing across all products to ensure the highest standard of safety.
The most extensive testing across possible configurations to provide design style choice.

The brochure shows you the options available to you when selecting the best door sets for your application.


Our door styles

Our wide range of entrance door styles have all been comprehensively tested and certified to the highest standards: EN 1634 fire tested dual orientation, PAS 24 security, smoke and performance.


Permissible door size variations

All door styles come in the same maximum size door leaf, and all styles can be produced to the same minimum height, as shown below. There are differences in the minimum width that the different door styles can be produced in, and these are shown in the table below.







Brampton I

Brampton II

Curbar I

Curbar II





Matlock II

Stanton II

Maximum size of all door styles
2107mm (height)
995mm (width)

Minimum height of all door styles
1962mm (height)


Side lights and top lights

In addition to our comprehensive testing and certification of all door leaf styles, we have also tested all options in conjunction with top lights and side lights, giving you complete confidence to specify your preferred door design with complementary side or top glazing, and know that it is fully certified in doing so. The tested and certified configurations are visualised below.

Certified extra glazing with all Solidcor door styles

[Draw door diagrams showing a door with a side light to the left, a door with side light to the right, and a door with top light above. These diagrams should be the most eye-catching part of the page.]

For clarity, the current configurations are not currently certified.


Sizes of side lights and top lights

The following maximum and minimum sizes are set within the certification of side lights and top lights. Generally, the top lights will match the width of the door that it is combined with, and side lights will match the height of the door.

Top light min/max size
Min: 600mm(W) x 225mm(H)
Max: 995mm(W) x 663mm(H)

Side light min/max size
Min: 225mm(W) x 1962mm(H)
Max: 502mm(W) x 2107mm(H)

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