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Maintenance budgets and the need for speed - we get it!

At this time of year, contractors, councils and housing associations are mindful of the end of the tax year looming in April and what maintenance and remedial works need to be completed. Contractors with work outstanding need to ensure they can complete it; failure to do so can result in there being fines to pay. This is understandable when you consider that councils and housing associations are themselves likely to face reductions in the monies they are allocated for remedial works in the next financial year, if they have not used all of this year’s funds.

For the same reason, councils and housing associations must check that they have allocated all of this year’s funds at their disposal. If they haven’t yet even assigned work, time is running out to maximise value from this year’s budgets and protect their funding for next year.

Many of those managing property portfolios will have an ongoing need for remedial works concerned with fire safety. Items under consideration could be fire doors, fire curtains, keeping alarm systems up to date, maintaining sprinkler systems, and so on. Whichever of these you might need, it is important to keep in mind the lead time necessary for completing the works. Work plans have to be defined, parts and equipment have to be ordered and manpower allocated in time windows that must be available. All of this takes time, and how much time can vary enormously. For example, if you order different items of fire safety equipment, do you know how long you will have to wait for them to be supplied? Even the same type of item could be subject to quite different delivery times depending on which supplier you use. This could obviously have a major bearing on whether the items you need can be fitted within the current financial year or not!

Where fire doors are on your list of requirements, be assured that at Solidcor we fully appreciate the need to deliver fully compliant, quality doors within fast turnaround times. Whatever the fire doors you need, we have an industry-leading 10-day lead time on all orders – a fraction of the time many of our competitors require. If you are looking to install fire doors and want to be confident that they can be supplied in good time, or are even looking at potential quick wins for ensuring this year’s budget is fully utilised, keep us in mind. Thanks to our commitment to speedy delivery, you still have some time left to finalise your spending plans for the remainder of this financial year.

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