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The problem of compromised entrance doors…and a solution!

We know that at a time when budgets are already under strain, frequent replacement of front doors after forced entries by the police is a real challenge for councils, housing associations and other social landlords. If such doors aren’t replaced quickly, residents’ security can be compromised, but so too can their protection against fire. In a block of flats, if a fire were to break out in the property with the damaged door, it could quickly spread to neighbouring apartments.

It’s quite understandable in these circumstances, that there’s not much choice but to purchase an FD30-rated fire door and some FD-30 rated hardware from a local store like Wickes or Howdens and install them as soon as possible. The problem with this is that the combination of door and hardware used will not provide a complete door assembly that has been tested and certified to full accreditation levels, and this renders it non-compliant and likely to be condemned in any fire inspection. Because of this, these ‘quick fixes’ can only be regarded as temporary solutions and a fully compliant door set has to be ordered, with a typical delivery lead time of 16 weeks (unless ordered from Solidcor). This then has to be installed incurring a second site visit, which further adds to the hassle and expense already incurred.

Enter Solidstor: a ready-to-use solution created by Solidcor.

Supplied within a standard 20-foot container, Solidstor offers an immediately available supply of door panels and hardware that guarantee a fully fire- and security-compliant door set to be used in responsive works to a forced entry.

This walk-in mini warehouse of properly accredited fire door sets can be located in the service compound for any group of properties or in any other suitable accessible area. Making it easy for in-house or contracted service personnel to carry out remedial works swiftly, certified door sets available same day from Solidstor also removes any need for secondary works thereafter. 

Solidstor – Your solution for fast response to forced entry

The equipment provided, specified to your requirements, includes:

  • Up to 27 doorsets in storage racks, for deployment as and when required
  • All the materials needed to complete each installation
  • Glazing and hardware repair kits
  • Relevant installation and repair manuals

The container is lit using solar power and has fitted power points, a security alarm system, first aid and PPE stations, internet connectivity, and is fully rodent-proof and waterproof.

Solidstor delivers a right first-time, cost effective solution for replacing doors after forced entry. For more information, contact us on 01246 604654 or by email to